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    Strength test data before and after pumping have also not been extensively reported. The May and August 1970 issues of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION magazine reported on several tests where the concrete was sampled before pumping and after pumping through both steel and aluminum pipe lines. Other unpublished data seem to indicate that there is no appreciable strength gain after pumping the concrete.

  • Sampling Pumped Concrete| Concrete Construction Magazine

    May 01 1977 · The purpose of these samples is to determine whether ready mixed concrete is acceptable. If you are interested in knowing the quality of the concrete going into the structure the proper place to sample it is at the end of the pump line. The concrete usually has some differences in properties (such as slump air content and compressive strength ...

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    Jan 28 2020 · Ruttura who pumped for the construction of the World Trade Center says If youre pumping high-strength concrete with a water-cement ratio of 0.28 thats not efficient; we were only able to get about 20 yards an hour.. It can also put a lot of pressure on the hose clamps. Ruttura says the ideal is to have at least 270 pounds of ...

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    Concrete can be pumped at rates of around 80 cubic yards per hour over distances up to 1300 feet horizontally and 200 feet vertically. Pumping is currently the fastest growing method of handling concrete. The method offers greatly flexibility. Rehandling can be avoided entirely. A mix can be ...