Concrete Pump Definition - What Does it Mean in Construction

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    Feb 04 2020 · Less Man Power and Hours: The continuous and steady flow of the liquid concrete from a concrete pump means less waiting around time.The people who place the concrete need to wait for the next batch while the skip is being filled at the bottom. People at the bottom waiting for the skip to come back down while it is in motion or discharging at the top.

  • Types of Concrete pumps - Bright Hub Engineering

    Jul 26 2009 · A concrete pump is an important part of any construction project. It is used in transferring liquid concrete by pumping it to the construction site. There are mainly three types of concrete pumps: Boom or truck mounted pump. Trailer line or stationary pump. Specialized usage pump. Lets briefly look at these three types of pumps.

  • What are Concrete Pumps Used For?

    Mar 05 2017 · Definition of a concrete pump Previously cranes were used to lift large buckets full of concrete up to where it was needed at the large construction sites. The major challenge was that the crane was able to lift only one bucket at a time normally holding around two cubic yards of concrete only.

  • What is Pumped Concrete? Types of Concrete Pumps and Selection

    1. Direct Acting Concrete Pumps A majority of the concrete pumps are of the direct-acting horizontal piston-type with semi-rotary valves (fig.1). The operation of the direct- acting pump is simple. The concrete is fed into the pump by gravity and partly by suction created due to the reciprocating motion of the horizontally-acting piston while ...