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    Oct 09 2020 · A concrete truck may be able to pull up to the site and pour right into the forms. If the site is on the other side of the house or building the truck may pour into wheel barrows or a concrete pump to get the wet concrete to the site. Concrete should not be placed when temperatures will drop below 20F.

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    Jun 30 2017 · Concrete that is wet (high slump) will settle more and have a greater distance between the rod and the concrete. The recommended slump when pouring BuildBlock ICF walls is between 5 and 6 inches (concrete when pumped under pressure will lose a ½ of slump so you may want to add a ½ of slump to the concrete going into the pump hopper).

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    Separate concrete placing booms can be used when a boom truck is unavailable or in situations where a boom truck may not be able to conveniently access the pour site. Combined with the right concrete pump these placing booms provide a systematic method of concrete distribution.

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    Jan 01 2017 · Poured concrete can have problems that greatly affect the overall quality of the pour such as bug holes honey combing and cold joints. Problems that commonly occur when using shoring equipment are mitigated by use of a concrete vibrator which consolidates concrete and refines the pouring process. Here are some tips for perfecting poured concrete with vibration.

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    Slab Beam and Foundation Concrete Pouring. Pouring concrete into the slab is common. It is usual. After the reinforcements work is completed and all the necessary approvals are taken pouring of concrete can be done. Concrete can be poured into the slab by using the pump car or manually concrete can be taken into the slab. Concrete Pouring in ...